2014 Award winners

Eco-Vision award

The Eco-Vision Competition celebrates photography and multimedia creations that convey an understanding of and appreciation for ecology. Art provides a unique opportunity to communicate scientific ideas in ways more universal and interdisciplinary than traditional outlets, i.e. research talks and publications. This award celebrates those outstanding visual arts contributions made by ESA members. Click on the images to explore.

Eco Service Award

The Union of Concerned Scientists’ (UCS), in partnership with the Student Section of the Ecological Society of America, will honor young scientists for their contributions to the discipline of ecology that have extended beyond the realm of academia and into the broader communities of which they are a part. The goal of this award is to recognize research that promotes application, outreach, and education. Click on the images for more info.

Outstanding Student in Ecology Award

The Student Section’s Outstanding Student Research in Ecology award honors students that publish papers of particular significance to the scientific community. We select winners based on the citability, credibility and relevance of published research. Click on the images for more info.

Real Brown Domestic and International Travel Awards

The Student Section offers national and international travel awards to encourage student attendance at the annual ESA meeting. These awards target students presenting at the meeting who could not otherwise afford to attend. Click on the images for more info.