Student Section Liaison Blog Series

By Winslow D. Hansen, ESA Student Section Vice Chair.

Happy Holidays! I hope that it has been restful and pleasant, or at least allowed you time to catch up on those tasks that fall through the cracks during the semester.  Leading up to the Centennial meeting in Baltimore, we will be hosting a monthly blog series from our student section liaisons.

The ESA student section liaisons are a critical part of the ESA student section team. Their role is to provide a bridge between the students of ESA and their respective sections of ESA. They are on the lookout for funding and networking opportunities, ways that you can get involved in outreach, and also update their sections on our goings on. If a particular section of ESA is of interest to you, I would encourage you to identify and contact the student liaison to discuss opportunities for participation.

In this exciting new blog series, each month a different student liaison will be highlighted and will write a blog providing an update on what their section is working on over the year, the section’s goals in the near future, and exciting news relevant to you. 

We hope that this is an opportunity for you to become better acquainted with ESA, its various sections, and what it can offer to you now as a student and over the course of your career. The following is a list of who you can expect to hear from:

January: Kellen Marshall, Policy Section

February: Brock Couch, Science Committee

March: Sarah Anderson, Policy Section

April: Alanna Jornigan, South Western SEEDS

May: Wilnelia Recart: International Network of Next Generation Ecologists

June: Liz Cerny-Chipman: Aquatic Section

July: Mario Muscarella: Microbial Ecology Section

August: Sara Mansbach: Research at Undergraduate Institutions

This is a new endeavor by the ESA student section. We encourage all of you to provide feedback over the blog series about what you find helpful and what can be improved. I also encourage you to use these blogs as an opportunity to become more familiar with the different sections of ESA, the people that are involved, and how you can participate and benefit from the society. As always we are here to serve your needs. If you ever have any questions, ideas, or concerns please feel free to contact me.

In solidarity,

Winslow D. Hansen