Greetings Students,

This blog consists of monthly entries from your Student Section liaisons describing exciting news and opportunities about ESA sections and how to get more out of ESA. Here is November’s Section Connection Blog from Amanda Sorensen of ESA’s Education Section.


News: ESA received a prestigious NSF award to build a Network of Next Generation Careers linking prospective employers, faculty and professional societies. For more details see

Opportunities: We have a Science Education Conference coming up for anyone interested in biological/ecological education and creating connections with this community. It is particularly focused at the K-12 level and will be hosted in Baltimore in March 2016. For more details, please see

What you wish you had known when you first joined ESA: I wish I had known about the importance of attending business and section meetings at the ESA annual meeting for networking and building a community within ESA earlier. After attending these types of meetings I was able to recognize and talk to people in the hallway. It has also been great to connect to a community of individuals who share similar interests and can be potential advocates, mentors, colleagues, and future employers. 

Section Contact and Website: Kim Bjorgo-Thorne,; website: