ESA Section Connection Blog

Greetings Students,

This blog consists of monthly entries from your Student Section liaisons describing exciting news and opportunities about ESA sections and how to get more out of ESA. Here is December’s Section Connection Blog from Danielle Marias of ESA’s Physiological Ecology Section.

News:  Check out our online resource of job postings for students and faculty on the Physiological Ecology Section website at We would also like to highlight our section’s centennial meeting Distinction Award winners: Helen Holmlund, Stephen Klosterman, Michelle Shero, Kirsten Deane-Coe. Learn more about them and how you can apply next year on our website!

Opportunities: PHYS Fest will have its inaugural meeting at the Konza Prairie Biological Station June 5-9, 2016. PHYS Fest is a National Science Foundation-IOS-sponsored field workshop focused on promoting collaboration and networking among plant eco-physiologists. Participants will engage in data collection to answer a research question and develop short video presentations on eco-physiological subjects as part of a video library for classroom teaching. For more information see

What you wish you had known when you first joined ESA: During my first ESA conference, I wish I had known that I didn’t need to listen to every talk in a session. I’ve learned that it helps to decided on specific talks I want to attend, as opposed to entire sessions, beforehand to avoid information overload!

Favorite ESA Meeting City:  My favorite city was Portland in 2012 (not only because I attend Oregon State University) because it was fun exploring the city by foot and light rail, the conference center was great and allowed the conference to be held in one building, and the food carts in the vicinity offered great lunch options!

Section Contact and Website: Kate McCulloh ( or Gretchen North (; website