The Future of Ecology: Animating the Past

With funding from the Ecological Society of America's Centennial Grant we [Student Section], in collaboration with Ecomotion Studios, have produced four short, engaging, animated videos of classical ecology papers of the last 100 years based on the Foundations of Ecology book to facilitate continued communication of these critical vessels in the overwhelming sea of journal articles. We envision these videos to serve as a gateway for students and other curious people to engage with the foundational literature of ecology and some of the colorful characters who have contributed these ‘textbook’ classics to our field. They are freely available to enjoy and share at the following links:

Life of Every Color and Kind (Paine 1966)

Huffaker's Balancing Act (Huffaker 1959)

The World is Green (Hairston, Smith and Slobodkin 1960)

Mangrove Melody (Simberloff and Wislon 1969)