Calling all Students!

This is Winslow Hansen,  your ESA Student Section Chair. I wanted to let everyone know that the ESA Student Section will be holding elections for open positions during early September. If you are interested in becoming more involved in the student section, we are taking nominations for the 2015-2016 leadership.

This year I will be focusing on taking the Student Section to the next level as an organization so that we can better serve and provide resources to the student members of ESA.  To accomplish this I am seeking motivated, innovative and engaged students that want to help shape the future of the Student Section.  Here are the open positions:

Vice Chair:

Liaise between ESA SS Board & Section Liaisons

Edit and post Liaison blog entries

“Attend” bi-weekly board Skype meetings Assist with the planning and running of section events: Student Mixer, Workshops (ex: Jobs & Funding Workshops), Special Sections (i.e. Orientation)

 Take over as Chair the Business Meeting in 2016


  •  “Attend” bi-weekly board Skype meetings
  • Organize bi-weekly skype meetings for the SS board.
  • Lead the organization of the student mixer.
  •  Assist with the planning and running of section events: Workshops (ex: Jobs & Funding Workshops), Special Sessions (i.e. Orientation)


  • “Attend” bi-weekly board Skype meetings
  • Track our finances working with Liz Biggs, the financial specialist of ESA
  •  Assist with the planning and running of section events: Workshops (ex: Jobs & Funding Workshops), Special Sessions (i.e. Orientation)

 Liaisons (See list of sections at the end of the post): 

  • Attend the Business Meeting in 2016
  • Occasional phone/skype updates and discussions 
  •  1 Blog post/year to the ESA SS website about what your section is about and what they’re doing at the next meeting/awards available.
  • Participate in liaison meetings (we’re thinking 3x per year - so we can run ideas by you and you can tell us what you think of how things are going.)
  • Help man the ESA SS Booth in 2016

If you are interested:

Since we want to be more fair and transparent in our elections this year, we are going to hold online elections for all of the positions for which we have nominees. Some of these positions have multiple nominees, so if you are interested please submit a short paragraph explaining who you are, why you would like the position you’ve selected, and what you bring to the table. Your personal statements are due by September 4th 2015. Please email them to


Applied Ecology


Aquatic Ecology


Disease Ecology


Environmental Justice

Human Ecology

International Affairs

INNGE (This is the International Network of Next-Generation Ecologists [] and they want a liaison to help put ESA on the world map - this would be a major opportunity to do some fun stuff with international folks at all levels, not just grad students.)

Invasive Species

Long-term Studies

Microbial Ecology



Plant Population Ecology

Rangeland Ecology

Researchers at Undergrad. Inst.

Science Committee - not a section but a position with actual meetings and work (see ESA website to see what they do []).

Science Communication


Soil Ecology

Statistical Ecology

Theoretical Ecology

Traditional Ecological Knowledge

Urban Ecosystems


Early Career Ecology (New Section)

Open Science (New Section)





Rocky Mountain

South America