Greetings Students,

This blog consists of monthly entries from your Student Section liaisons describing exciting news and opportunities about ESA sections and committees and how to get more out of ESA. Here is January’s Section Connection Blog from Josh Scholl of ESA’s Committee on Diversity and Education (CDE).

News: The CDE met at the close of 2015 and set several important strategic goals for the year. Among them are goals to define and make available key or core concepts in ecology, design a website for interactive exploration of potential career opportunities in ecology, and translate primary literature into more broadly communicable format (such as animations, e.g. the Foundations of Ecology series

Opportunities: Help us diversify and build educational resources by joining the CDE’s initiatives. Check out our existing resources which should be very useful for all educators including graduate teaching assistants. The resources can be found at Watch this space for announcements on how to get involved.

What you wish you had known when you first joined ESA: How to network effectively. It is the most crucial part of any conference but doing it effectively is difficult. Luckily there are several workshops at ESA each year focused on developing elevator pitches and learning strategies for effective networking. Also, getting involved in a section or committee is a great strategy!

Contact: Nalini Nadkarni (Chair)