February’s Section Connection Blog

Greetings Students,

This blog consists of monthly entries from your Student Section liaisons describing exciting news and opportunities about ESA sections and committees and how to get more out of ESA. Here is February’s Section Connection Blog from Jessica Moore of ESA’s Microbial Ecology Section.

News: One thing the ESA Microbial Ecology Section takes seriously: community outreach! We donated compost kits to the Cheery Hill Urban Garden (pictured) and the Chesapeake Center for Youth Development during the 2015 ESA Meeting.

Opportunities: Our section also offers student travel awards that were up to $500 at past meetings.

What you wish you had known when you first joined ESA: When I first joined ESA, I wish I would have known that volunteering to staff the Microbial Ecology booth during poster sessions would open doors to networking and collaborating opportunities.

Contact: You can learn more about our section and get your very own I “heart” microbes t-shirt on our website esa.org/microbial or by following us on Twitter @esamicrobe.