Greetings Students,

This blog consists of monthly entries from your Student Section liaisons describing exciting news and opportunities about ESA sections and committees and how to get more out of ESA. Here is April’s Section Connection Blog from Drew Scott of ESA’s Soil Ecology Section.

News: The Soil Ecology Section is excited to welcome our new officers: Sara G. Baer (Chair), Chris Schadt (Vice-Chair), and Becky Ball (Secretary). We also thank our outgoing officers Jen Schweitzer and Jared DeForest for their service. Congratulations to the Deb Neher, winner of the first Deborah A. Neher Career Award (named in her honor) and to the student travel award winners; Lee Dieterich, Daniel Maynard, Liam Mueller, Eve Dettweiller-Robinson, Jenny Rocca.

Opportunities: 2016 ESA Attendees, consider the organized session “Soil: a manageable filter, critical threshold, or irreversible tipping point for ecosystem restoration?” as well as the joint Soil/Biogeochemistry/Microbial ecology mixer for a great chance to network with established ecologists. Students, there are upcoming travel award opportunities and mentor pairing for the 2016 ESA meeting. Also, stop by at the soil ecology booth to purchase “Get Dirty” soil ecology t-shirts, stickers, and hats; these sales support the soil ecology student travel awards.

What you wish you had known when you first joined ESA: I wished I had known about mixers. They are a great way to meet people. There is a student mixer as well as mixers for the various sections of ESA.

Contact: For more information about the soil ecology section please follow us on twitter (@ESASoilEcology), visit our website (, or contact our Chair (