Multivariate Data Analysis Workshop

Multivariate Data Analysis Using PC‑ORD

LC comment:  This is a short-coure by Penn State on analyzing species community data with the PC‑ORD software package, which is proprietary software but the workshop would offer students basic knowledge of the techniques. Fees for students looks to be ~$250, but talk to your advisor and maybe your Department or Research Grant can pay for the course ??

Details below, but more @

Upcoming Trainings:

    • 19-23 February 2018, 10:00-15:00 EST daily (with 1 hr break)
    • late April or early May 2018
    • November 2018

    Note that the registration deadline is usually 2 weeks in advance of the course.  Visit the Workshops or Webinars pages for more details.

    Tools are introduced, explained, and demonstrated in the order in which you would use them while conducting an analysis. Topics include:

    • importing, screening, and restructuring your data prior to analysis
    • exploring and preparing the data for analysis and selecting the appropriate tools
    • guided ordination tools (weighted averaging, polar ordination, CCA, RDA, fuzzy set ordination)
    • free ordination tools (PCA, NMS)
    • classification tools (cluster analysis, two-way cluster analysis)
    • group-testing tools (MRPP, PerMANOVA, Indicator Species Analysis)
    • association assessment tools (Mantel Test, Fourth Corner Analysis)
    • interpretation, manipulation, and communication of graphs


    Registration fees for most trainings are in the $400-$450 range, with lower fees for students (~$225) and workshop hosts. This fee does not include the software or companion book, which must be ordered from the software company. Payment for the workshop fee is accepted in the form of checks made out to "Penn State" or by credit card. Certificates of completion are available upon request.