Why section connections?

Our goals for this page are:

  1. To inform students about other sections and news/events from the other sections

  2. To show our value and commitment to ESA by serving as a portal to other sections given that we house the earliest ecologist life stage

Below is a list of the sections that have student liaisons to report back to the student section about any important information relevant to students. In the list of sections, the student liaisons a listed along with their email addresses and relevant section information. Feel free to contact the student liaisons for more information. Click the button below to get more information about all the available sections at ESA. Interested in becoming a section liaison? Click here!

Aquatic Ecology Section- Fadwa Bouhedda

Email: ms.fadwab-at-gmail.com

Early Career Ecologist Section- Eli Polzer

Email: elpolzer-at-gmail.com

Students and early career ecologists are each at varying stages of a continuum and can thus provide support and direction for each other along the way.

Education Section- Amanda Sorensen

Email: amasoren-at-rutgers.edu

The Education Sections is an opportunity for ESA members to connect with educators and individuals interested in education and science communication at all levels (K-12, higher education, informal education). This group hosts a number of different sessions at ESA for those interested in sharing research and work in ecology education. 

Environmental Justice Section- Mila K. Marshall

Email: milakmarshall-at-gmail.com

The Environmental Justice Section is made up of a diverse group of ecologists whom all are interested in advancing the application of ecology for addressing inequity at all levels and especially in dealing with marginalized populations.

Microbial Ecology Section- Grace Pold

Email: grace.pold-at-gmail.com

Invasion Ecology Section- Sara Campbell

Email: sarae.campbell-at-mail.utoronto.ca

Plant Population Section- Andrew Kaul

Email: adkaul-at-iastate.edu

The Plant Population Section encourages research and communication in plant population ecology and related fields. Activities include programs at the annual meeting and travel awards ($391 this year) to encourage student participation in ESA (funded through silent auction). 

Current News:PPE highlights recent research in the field by up-and-coming members of the section on the PPE website. See our September interview with Robert Shriver of Duke University and the October interview with Anny Chung of the University of New Mexico. We welcome nominations for "Young PPE member of the month" at any time (including self nomiations). Nominate yourself or colleagues by sending a brief email to Nick (nbarber-at-niu.edu) stating why a particular paper should be highlighted and the career staged of the early-career author.

PPE Section Twitter: @plantpopeco_esa

PPE Section Facebook: www.facebook.com/plantpopecol

Policy Section- Charlotte Levy

Email: crl222-at-cornell.edu

Restoration Ecology Section- Julea Shaw

Email: jashaw-at-ucdavis.edu

The new Ecological Restoration section focuses on promoting theoretical and applied research, teaching, communication, grant developments, and collaboration within the discipline of restoration ecology. Our activities include hosting symposia and organized oral sessions, field-trips to local restoration sites, a student presentation contest, and section-hosted mixers at annual meetings. We also provide resources to the restoration community beyond ESA members through online resource guides, blog posts, and social media.

Restoration Section Twitter: @ESArestore

Soil Ecology Section- Drew Scott

Email: dascott-at-siu.edu

The Soil Ecology Section seeks to promote an understanding of the importance of soil biota among ecologists, soil scientists, and members of related disciplines, to encourage education and research in soil ecology, to sponsor meetings and publications for the communication of research and educational activities in soil ecology, and to increase student participation in the society. The current officers are Sara G. Baer (chair), Christopher Shadt (vice chair), and Becky Ball (secretary). The section offers student travel awards for members of the section or students of members. The travel awards are supported by sales of the "get dirty" hats, t-shirts, and stickers.

Theory Section- Diana Rypkema

Email: drypkema-at-standford.edu