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Professional Jobs ($$$), Graduate Student Positions ($), and Field Tech Jobs ($)

This Farside image will identify new job postings from here on. All posts will also begin with  links to standard jobs boards, such as the ESA Ecophysiology Jobs Boards (which is awesome!), Texas A&M, ECOLOG. If you are familiar with job boards that are available at University websites and well-maintained, or if you are seeking applicants, send an email to with the appropriate information.   


ESA-Ecophysiology Section Jobs Board (faculty, post-doc, grad, tech, staff postings) 

Montana State University Ecology Dept. Jobs Board for Regional/National positions (faculty, grad, tech, non-profit)

ECOLOG-L (U.Maryland) (faculty, post-doc and grad, typically)

Texas A&M Wildlife Jobs Board (mostly fish and wildlife related jobs for faculty, grad and lots of technician jobs)  

Job Posts:

The National Ecological Observatory Network (NEON) is in serious hire mode. Most of the Jobs are contracted with Battelle Ecology, Inc. Positions range from scientist ($$$$), support scientist ($$$) and field technicians ($). NEON jobs with Battelle Ecology

A PhD position ($) with The Laboratoire des Sciences du Climat et de l'Environnement (LSCE) (in France) for the analysis of atmospheric CO2 measurements at Mexico-City. Requirements: Master degree in chemistry, physics or meteorology or related discipline; knowledge in atmospheric transport modelling, programming skills (R, python, FORTRAN, Linux)l excellent written and oral communications skills in English. LSCE PhD Description and Application Instructions

A PhD position ($) is available in the University of New Hampshire’s Natural Resources and Earth System Science (NRESS) PhD program to study the role of tree canopy diversity in forests. The project addresses questions related to (1) the influence of tree diversity on carbon cycling and other ecosystem processes in forests, and (2) ways in which forest canopy diversity can be represented (e.g. taxonomic, structural or functional diversity), and estimated at multiple scales using remote sensing. Requirements: Master’s degree in ecology, forestry, physical geography, atmospheric science or a related field; strong background in ecology, biogeochemistry or ecophysiology. Skills in remote sensing, analysis of large data sets, simulation modeling, and forest ecology field methods are a strong plus.   UNH PhD Description and Application Instructions

Restoration Scientist ($$) with The Nature Conservancy in Lander, Wyoming. Requirements: Masters degree in ecology, botany or related field. Familiarity with sagebrush steppe vegetation and ecology. Expertise with vegetation and soil sampling techniques, measurement and interpretation of climatic and edaphic influences on plant development. Record of peer reviewed publications in scientific journals. The Nature Conservancy Job Description and Application Instructions